B.C. Gold Mining Project

B.C. Gold Mining Project

Industry: Mining
Location: British Columbia
Dealer: Absolutely Covered
Calhoun Building: HT Series 50 x 80

The Challenge:

The customer was in need of a structure in an incredibly remote area in northern B.C, Canada. The structure was needed for storage of electrical wires but the challenge was reaching, and installing, a structure in an area with a very high snow load, bad roads, ice glaciers, and snow accumulation up to 4 ft. Furthermore, while the Calhoun building kit arrived on-time, the site was nowhere near ready for installation.

The Solution:

Calhoun Super Structure was up for the challenge and ready to provide customer-focused service and on-time delivery. The team at Absolutely Covered drove to the site every morning across ice glaciers, and waited patiently for weeks until the site was ready. They helped clear out the snow and level up the gravel. Furthermore, Absolutely Covered demonstrated the ability to deliver through the most challenging conditions.