Cost-Efficient and Maximum ROI

Cost-Efficient and Maximum ROI

Location: Casey, IL
Industry: Fertilizer
Dealer: Central Concrete
Calhoun Building: VP Series 120 x 320 and 65 x 144


The Challenge

A common request for fertilizer storage buildings is to ensure that it will be standing for years to come. The ammonia present in fertilizer will eat away at tradition steel buildings. This customer was also looking for a concrete containment foundation system that would allow for maximization of the height of the structure, so they could reduce the cubic foot cost for storage.

The Solution

With a quick installation, and a great ROI, the side by side 120 x 320 and 65 x 144 VP series buildings have exceeded this customer’s needs. Calhoun’s hot dip galvanized trusses are also coated in Super Shield rubberized coating spray, which is an added layer of protection against corrosion from the ammonia. In addition to the ROI obtained from the Super Shield coating, the keder fabric panel roofing system will be a low-cost replacement in 15-20 years.