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Industry: Equestrian
Location: Red Deer, AB
Dealer: Coverco Buildings Ltd.
Calhoun Building: VP Series 100 x 160, and VP Series 100 x 140

The Challenge:
Westerner Exhibition Park need to remove two collapsed Cover-All buildings, and the new buildings needed to be customized to utilize the existing foundation. Different bay spacing meant that the existing pilasters in the foundation couldn’t be used. There was a short deadline looming due to the Red Deer’s “Stampede” Westerner Days fair that was about to begin.

The Solution:
Calhoun Super Structure designed custom saddle brackets to connect the existing foundation to the base plates. The design saved tens of thousands of dollars in the bid process in lieu of using screw piles or extra pilasters. In order to meet the installation deadline, Coverco mobilized a massive installation crew to expedite the process. The installers worked two shifts of 12 hours/day to ensure completion. Buildings arrived on time. Both Cover-Alls were disassembled and the new Calhoun buildings installed days before the deadline. The fair went ahead without a hitch.