Commercial Storage Solutions

Calhoun engineers products to meet exact specifications for your commercial storage needs. Rather than using an approximation of loads and anticipated environmental conditions, we use 3D Finite Element Nonlinear Analysis to design reliable structures that are engineered for the job at hand. We also provide versatile solutions for protecting your workers and assets. With an extensive network of dealers, our service people are available to support you.

Oil, Gas, and Mining

Our commercial storage structures are tailored to the needs of the oil and gas industry as well as the mining industry. The four building types are easy to transport and deploy with designs that are customizable to your specifications. When the safety of your employees is a top priority, Calhoun provides reliable storage solutions.

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Calhoun offers economical solutions for warehousing with open interiors that allow for natural light, bypassing any need for artificial daytime lighting. The available storage space is maximized by our free-span steel trusses that eliminate the need for internal beams or posts. The Hot Dip galvanizing process provides a level of durability and corrosion-resistance that’s second only to stainless steel.

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Equipment Storage

Our storage structures allow for open spans up to 200 feet in width, protecting your equipment in an expansive indoor enclosure without the difficulty of beams and support posts obstructing equipment mobility. Our structures are easily expandable, allowing for a better transition as the needs of your enterprise change and grow. Our highly elastic, all-rubber exteriors are filler-free with a tensile strength of over 1,000 psi.

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Keep your employees safe while they work in our completely engineered, permanent structures. Superior engineering to protect everyone in your operation.

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Calhoun structures require a small initial investment compared to traditional buildings, and lower operational needs to save you money by keeping costs down.

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Calhoun is one of the only names in the industry to use this cutting edge technology to engineer your building to your exact site loads, location and application.

Types of Buildings

Backed by a strong warranty of up to 50 years, our four building types are easily customizable and built to last.

CC Series

CC Series

Built to Adapt

CC Series buildings use a gusset and coupler design to maximize usable internal space.

CL Series

CL Series

Easily Deployable
and Portable

CL Series buildings are engineered to incorporate large shipping containers in its site-specific design.
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HT Series

HT Series

Reach Greater

HT Series buildings use the same design as the CC series but with a deeper truss depth, allowing for extra interior height. In environments with heavy snow, the peak of the HT series is particularly effective at managing snow loads.
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VP Series

VP Series

Built to Suit Your Needs

VP Series buildings come either rounded or with eaves, giving the appearance of a more conventional structure with the flexibility of larger overall widths and heights.
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With any series of buildings, Super Shield rubberized spray coating provides extra resistance against moisture for structures exposed to salt, fertilizer or other highly corrosive materials. Browse through our gallery for examples of the many industries and uses of Calhoun fabric structures.

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