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Whether you own horses for business or personal companions, their health is your top priority. The better a horse’s living environment, the happier and healthier your horse. Our custom-engineered fabric structures for indoor riding arenas and horse stables are better suited for both equine and riders’ needs versus traditional wood or steel structures.

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when it comes to caring for horses. Fabric structures are designed to cater to specific equine health requirements, making your horse healthier and safer.

Prevents Excessive Spooking

While they appear to be quite formidable creatures, horses spook easily from shadows and noise. Spooking is a horse’s natural response to danger, and keeps them safe from predators in the wild. It’s an unavoidable reaction when a horse feels that its life is at risk. A horse who spooks in a stable can sustain injuries from knocking its body against the confines of its enclosure. If you’re riding a horse that’s been spooked, it could be potentially hazardous to both you and your fellow riders. While spooking is normal for a horse, living in constant fear and anxiety is not. According to Practical Horseman Magazine, too much stress can weaken a horse’s immune system, and they will be more likely to contract illnesses.

With traditional wood or steel structures, artificial lighting can not only damage a horse’s eyesight it causes shadows within the structure. Furthermore, internal and external sound waves bounce off the wood or steel materials creating a noisier environment.

A fabric structure on the other hand recreates soft, outdoor lighting filling the space with natural light and thus creating a shadow-free environment that is proven to reduce spooking. Additionally, due to the membrane properties of a fabric cover, sound doesn’t bounce off the walls or roof. Sound is dampened in a fabric structure thus reducing noisy stable environments further creating a soothing, stress-free atmosphere.

Allows Horses to Breathe Easier

According to the American Association of Equine Practitioners, respiratory diseases are very common for horses and are often a direct result of bad air quality. Common in traditional wood or steel structures is poor ventilation leading to buildup of dust, mold, and fungus. Furthermore, a horse’s temperature can escalate much higher than human in hot weather, so it’s important to keep them cool and comfortable with proper air ventilation. The natural ventilation of fabric structures provides a highly improved air quality.  Thermally conductive fabric, such as Calhoun’s fabric structures, mean that your horses will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Fans, vents, and other ventilation options can be added to the fabric structure for increased air flow allowing your horses to breathe easier.

Gives Horses Room to Roam

Horses are highly active animals but lack of exercise can lead to poor circulation and behavior issues. A large, free span exercise space is ideal for both the horse and its trainer, and a fabric structure helps to drastically improve such riding conditions.  Fabric structures ensure that you get the maximum riding space possible as they do not utilize internal support posts but rather a steel truss framing system. Without poles or pillars, there is more floor space to allow for the best riding or training experience every time.

Fabric structures provide more space for your horse to eat and rest comfortably.With free span interiors up to 250′ wide and for any length, Calhoun’s fabric indoor riding arenas and horse stables can be optimized for whatever amount of space is needed.  Depending on the type or series of fabric structure you choose from Calhoun, additional height gives you and your horse the maximum amount of space necessary for roaming and jumping.


Fabric buildings are proven to increase health and productivity for horses. You might be interested in reading our free eBook: Advantages of Fabric Structures for Indoor Riding Arenas