Fabric Structures for Government and Municipal Use

Calhoun is proud to serve municipal and government organizations with structures that are both affordable and reliable. Our fabric structures stand up to the elements, and they can be quickly erected or transported as needed.

This adaptability is especially useful for both seasonal projects and highway construction projects that need to be mobile. With a lower initial cost than metal and wooden buildings, our fabric structures even have lower operating expenses. The fabric roof allows for daylight to shine through, avoiding the cost of electric illumination during the day. Whatever your storage needs may be, we can help.

Structures for Any Purpose

Whether you need equipment storage or maximum interior space for warehousing, each building series we offer is adapted for different applications. Our structures designed for road salt and sand are resistant to the added potential for corrosion that comes with the materials.

We also have designs that are tailored for recreational and sports facilities. These structures are perfect for seasonal festivals or establishing a more permanent attraction. Our low maintenance structures customized for Waste and recycling can help keep your project on budget.

Durability and Reliability

With superior engineering, our structures are more than just a cost-effective solution. The corrosion-resistance of our metal components is ensured by a hot dip galvanization process. Additional spray shield protection can be used for the storage of corrosive materials like fertilizer and salt.

Contact Calhoun, and let us help you determine which type of structure would best meet the needs of your government organization.

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