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Renting farmland poses unique challenges. If you don’t own the land that you farm on, you’re not alone.

In the United States, nearly 40% of all farmland is rented. It’s likely that the number of renters will increase in the coming years. Landowners, who oftentimes aren’t farming themselves, are intent on keeping the valuable land in their families. In fact, it’s estimated that only 2% of farmland will be sold to non-family members in the coming years.

In parts of Canada, the price of farmland has increased substantially. Last year in Saskatchewan, farmland increased an average of 10% throughout the province. Owning farmland is currently out of the reach of some farmers. Renting farmland in North America is a reality that isn’t going away anytime soon.

You don’t want to build a shed, barn, or other permanent structure on land that you don’t even own. Your lease may even prohibit it. Unlike a traditionally built shed or barn, fabric structures from Calhoun can be constructed on a temporary or portable basis.

Our Designs Were Made for the Agriculture Industry

Calhoun’s structures can be built on a variety of foundations. We also have several options for how your structure mounts to its foundation. When your land lease is up, your Calhoun structure can move with you. If you change your farming operations, your structure can be re-purposed to fit your changing needs.

Our buildings don’t have interior posts or columns eating up precious space. You can safely store even your largest equipment.

Calhoun’s open designs are also perfect for storing crops. Our fabric is breathable while still protecting everything inside from the harsh elements. The airflow and ventilation eliminate moisture, meaning your stored crops will stay dry.

Whether you need to store hay for your hobby farm, or you have a multi-million dollar fleet of tractors to protect, we have a solution for you.

Calhoun is Your Portable, Adaptable Solution

At Calhoun Super Structure, we produce a more efficient fabric building by modeling the true behaviour of the building and the true behaviour of fabric relative to wind speed, snow and rain loads, and seismic conditions of your unique and individual site. Our method produces the most suitable fabric structure to meet your requirements, resulting in a quicker return on your investment.


To learn how Calhoun can build a portable structure that meets your farm’s changing needs, contact us today. You might also be interested to read When to Upgrade Your Farm With a Fabric Structure.