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Whether you have an existing Calhoun fabric structure or another brand of fabric structure, Calhoun has the expertise, materials, and tools necessary to recover and reskin your fabric building. We are among the most cost-efficient and effective ways to protect or store your assets, and offer fabric structure recover to extend the life of your building.

No matter the level of damage, repair, building application, size, or brand, Calhoun offers full-service fabric structure recover in-house, and installation through our extensive dealer network. Our team of professionals will travel to your location to provide fabric structure recover assistance.

All of Calhoun’s fabric structure recovers are manufactured on-site. This allows us to control the quality of the cover and turnaround time so your fabric building can be as good as new as quickly as possible


Calhoun Super Structure’s professional installation crews provide you with all necessary fabric structure replacement components including the replacement fabric itself. Depending on the complexity of the replacement, and the type of fabric cover system, we will either visit your site or assist you with replacement.

For larger fabric structure recover, Calhoun will send an on-site crew. For most smaller replacements or repairs, you may be able to complete yourself with our assistance. Calhoun will ask for measurements and photos to begin the assessment.

Because Calhoun’s fabric structure recover are manufactured on-site, we have full control on the turnaround time of your replacement fabric cover, so your fabric building can be as good as new as quickly as possible


Fabric covers can last from 15-20 years under normal conditions. Weather and ultraviolet radiation eventually wear down the material. Some holes can be repaired, but loose-fitting or worn fabric should be replaced. Fabric building owners may even want to recover fabric structures for aesthetic purposes to bring new life to pre-existing structures or to increase natural light.

As a pioneer in the fabric structure industry, we have spent almost 30 years creating the strongest, safest, and most reliable series of fabric structures in the market. We’ve thought of everything from the strength of your structure, to the longevity of your investment, and a warranty we stand behind. 

Calhoun Super Structure proudly offers 25-year warranty through our Elite FR and Non-FR fabric, and 15-year warranty on our standard FR and Non-FR fabric.