Big Ideas for a Small Farms: Deep Pack Barns for Your Herd

November 22, 2016

What are Deep Pack Barns?

Deep pack barns (DPB), also called compost bedding barns or pack barns, are designed to provide a comfortable shelter for cattle during inclement weather and are an interesting alternative to tie-stalling dairy herds. They are a covered structure with either a hard clay or concrete flooring. Though popular in Canada as a winter shelter, they are also used in other climates. They can be less expensive than free-stalling and more comfortable for the herd. Careful management of the pack is essential and some areas may have restrictions on DPBs.

Benefits of a Pack Barn

  • Cows have the freedom to choose their lying position.
  • Pack can be very comfortable.
  • Can be less expensive to maintain.
  • Positive effects on the health of the herd.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Pack Barn

  • Hygiene is essential to maintain herd health and prevent contamination.
  • Building size should reflect a minimum of 100 sq. ft./cow in resting areas. Don’t forget feed and water space, this is often overlooked.
  • Sawdust bedding is best and careful management is a must to keep the bed composting.
  • Ventilation should take advantage of wind direction for your location. Use fans to manage temperatures and keep the bed dry.
  • Provide multiple access points for the herd to the barn.

Example of a Pack Barn from Calhoun dealer, Lussier Barn Builders

Butterworks Farms in Westfield, Vermont recently set up a 60′ x 100′ pack barn using a Calhoun’s CC Series fabric structure. The natural lighting and quick installation of this building, along with the venting options and affordability, made this Calhoun fabric structure an easy choice.


Butterworks Farm

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