Featured Building – 140′ x 300′ VP Series Fabric Structure – McEwen’s Fuels & Fertilizer

May 2, 2017

McEwen’s Fuels & Fertilizer gets a new facility in Alberta

Installed in Fort Saskatchewan, this large VP Series fabric structure was built in March 2017 by Calhoun dealer, Coverco Buildings. At 140′ x 300′, McEwen’s Fuels & Fertilizers now has plenty of storage and processing space. Find out more about fabric structures for the Fertilizer industry and see the case study of Pinnacle Agriculture for another great example of a fertilizer processing facility.

mcewenfertilizer-vpseries-pict2     mcewenfertilizer-vpseries-pict3

mcewenfertilizer-vpseries-pict1     mcewenfertilizer-vpseries-pict4