Calhoun’s superior fabric covered buildings are produced to withstand harsh weather conditions and treated with ultraviolet stabilizers to protect it from the sun’s UV rays. This prevents the fabric structures membranes from weakening or breaking down, adding years to life for your fabric cover.

The natural lighting from Calhoun’s fabric covered buildings result in a brighter atmosphere than traditional structures, and eliminates the need for artificial lighting for reduced energy costs.

While Calhoun’s fabric building covers come standard as a white, HDPE, bag, non-fire retardant (depending on size and application), there are several options to choose from to customize your fabric covered buildings’ needs.



With a Calhoun fabric structure cover, you also select from a variety of colors for greater aesthetic appeal and customization.

Fire Retardant (FR) Fabric

We recognize that some fabric structures may require fire-retardant (FR) fabric building covers, so we have made this option available. Calhoun’s FR fabric is manufactured with self extinguishing properties to eliminate the flame instead of adding fuel like many other building materials would. It provides extra protection for your assets while abiding by strict building codes.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Fabric

Depending on your industry, application, and requirements, PVC fabric building covers are recommended due to their durability, versatility, chemical resistance, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. Because of its amorphous structure which contains halogens like chlorine and fluorine, PVC is known for its chemical stability allowing the PVC fabric cover to resist flame, chemicals, and oil.


Our fabric building covers can safely and securely include skylights and solar panels. Ask your local Calhoun representative.


We offer two fabric building covers installation options depending on the size and budget of your structure: Bag Cover System or Keder Panel System.

Calhoun’s Bag Cover System is a one-piece fabric cover, pulled over the entire structure in one quick and easy step. It is more affordable than other fabric structure cover systems and stays on tighter on smaller structures.

Bag Cover Key Advantage: Affordable and efficient installation. Ideal For: GB Series, smaller CC series

Calhoun’s Keder Panel System does not allow the fabric to touch the structure’s frame, and helps to create a quieter, more secure environment with no risk of wear points on the cover, adding years of life to your structure. Calhoun’s Keder Panel System is standard on all buildings over 60′ wide.

Keder Panel Key Advantage: Quick replacement of individual panels if damaged, instead of removing the entire fabric cover. Ideal For: HT Series, VP Series, larger CC Series

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