Mount Style

Calhoun offers fabric building solutions that can either be permanent, temporary, or portable. Our fabric structures can be erected on various types of foundations, and offer several different types of wall mounting options to connect to your foundation. With elevated wall mounting options, your fabric building can stand higher allowing for greater clearance for doors and openings, increased side-wall protection, and more storage volume.


Standard Calhoun Mounts

  • Wood Posts
  • Steel Legs
  • Concrete: Poured Walls
  • Concrete: Grade Beams
  • Concrete: Piers
  • Concrete: Demurrage Blocks
  • Concrete: Pre-Cast T-Panels

    Shipping Containers

    Shipping container foundations create hybrid fabric structures allowing maximum utilization of the foundation for employee housing, change rooms, washrooms, and storage. The fabric structure’s steel framework and fabric cover can be stored in the shipping containers for easy deployment and transportation. Shipping containers is a cost-effective option for a mount styles, and is suitable for buildings 30 to 50 feet wide.


    Benefits of using shipping containers as a mount allow for quick and easy (re)location of the framework mounting system and additional on-site storage space. Calhoun’s fabric buildings can be configured to fit on several shipping containers with the fabric mounted directly to the container providing weather protection between the container and interior of the structure. All of Calhoun’s CL (Container Line) Series meet building codes and are engineered to withstand wind and snow loads for your particular area.


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