Recover Your Fabric Structure

Calhoun fabric structures are among the most cost-efficient and effective ways to protect or store material. Recovering your fabric structures can extend the life of your structure. Calhoun offers full-service structure recovers in-house and installation through our extensive dealer network.

When to Recover Fabric Structures

Fabric structures can last from 15-20 years under normal conditions. Weather and ultraviolet radiation eventually wear down the material. Some holes can be repaired, but loose-fitting or worn fabric should be replaced. Fabric building owners may even want to recover fabric structures for aesthetic purposes to bring new life to pre-existing structures or to increase natural light.

Fabric Structure Applications

The open space, natural lighting, ventilation, lightweight construction, relatively low cost and replacement capabilities of fabric covers make them a sensible and functional option for a wide variety of uses. While many fabric structures are useful for farms, they have a wide spectrum of applications. They are an excellent storage facility for fertilizer, salt, sand, hay, equipment, or commercial use. Due to the lower cost, riding arenas and hockey rinks also commonly use fabric structures. Many traditional wood barns are being replaced by fabric structures due to the easy installation, durability and natural light. Fabrics can come in a variety of materials and colors, and they can also be easily repaired or replaced.

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