Our Proprietary Engineering Process

At Calhoun Super Structure, we produce a more efficient fabric building. We model the true behaviour of the building and the true behaviour of fabric relative to wind speed, snow and rain loads, and seismic conditions of your unique and individual site. We custom-engineer our fabric building based on your project’s unique specifications. Calhoun optimizes the steel in our fabric structures to make our structures as efficient as possible while providing the longest-standing structures in the market. The industry standards for the engineering of fabric structures involve analysis that only approximates the load placed on the structure. The site-analysis that the rest of the industry uses results in a “best guess” as to how much force will be applied to the structure which results in a non-accurate prediction that can lead to structural failure.

Calhoun goes the extra mile to ensure that every structure installed is engineered to the highest possible standards, ensuring our customers have a safe, reliable and long standing building.


Through our proprietary engineering process we model the true behavior of fabric relative to environmental factors using our unique 3D Nonlinear Finite Element analysis.


Our method produces the most suitable fabric structure to meet your requirements, resulting in a quicker return on your investment and the longest-standing structure in the industry.



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Ask For a Site-Specific Review

It is critical to ensure you receive the most efficient and reliable fabric structure possible, that's why every fabric building produced by Calhoun receives a full review on its site in its location. Reputable fabric structure companies will work with their network of sales teams or dealers to obtain site photos and site topography with the orientation and location of the marked building. This allows the fabric structure’s engineers to begin the process of evaluating the site conditions.
The site evaluation ensures that the appropriate parameters are used for the analysis of the structure. The configuration of the building is thereby validated, or changes are made to ensure the structure has the requisite reliability for the site. A fabric structure company should use external, third-party engineers to review all structures to avoid company bias and ensure the strict objectivity of the design work. Watch our video to learn more about Calhoun's unique site-specific review that no other fabric structure manufacturer in the market employs.

All Calhoun buildings are engineered using a site-specific 3D Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis which considers the snow, rain, wind, and seismic conditions at the building location. This technique allows Calhoun to deliver the strongest building for your unique location.


Calhoun delivers detailed site-specific foundation reactions to allow the foundation to be engineered to further optimize the customer’s installation. This process provides for a detailed and precise assessment of reaction loads that will in turn allow for an optimized foundation design.

Calhoun is the only manufacturer in the industry who includes the negative effects that fabric places on the strength and durability of the building, and then engineer the structure to ensure all snow, wind, and seismic conditions are exceeded.


Our unique engineering procedures result in an optimal use of materials and ensures a reliable structure, going beyond industry standards.