Our Story

Calhoun Super Structure is one of the first fabric building manufacturers in the industry and have been in business for over 25 years. We are a true pioneer in the fabric structure industry in many important ways.


While other fabric building companies were applying an in-line galvanizing system for their steel frames, we were the first to use hot-dip galvanizing as a standard with the critical importance of knowing that hot-dip galvanized steel structures last three times longer.


We were also the first to implement a true site-specific analysis design on every building. We understood from the very beginning that the site of your operation is unique, and a safe and reliable fabric building is paramount.


Therefore, we began implementing prescriptive engineered structures to determine the exact level of stress the structure is under, and where, and account for those particular areas in our steel frames, going beyond industry standards.

Our strength is rooted in everything we do. From structural design, to engineering, manufacturing, customer relationship management, installation, and of course, understanding the unique properties of fabric.


Our strength is in our industry-specific knowledge. We understand your industry so we can customize our structures to meet your every need. Structural engineering is our focus to meet your unique requests.


Our strength is also in our extensive dealer network. With representation across Canada and most U.S states, Calhoun is devoted to providing local support for our customers, across a breadth of industries, for all kinds of building applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage decades of benchmark engineering and exceptional service to design, manufacture, and deliver the best fabric structures in the industry.

Our Vision

To be the safest, most reliable, and durable fabric structure.

Our Values


We are devoted to upholding our responsibilities and commitments in everything we do. For our customers, for each other, and for ourselves.


We collaborate inside and outside the organization to maximize our shared knowledge and experience to bring greater value to the team and our customers. We believe the best results are driven from merging our collective skill, talent, and perspectives.


We challenge conventional thinking, regularly review processes, and actively invite constructive criticism in every area of business. We believe that if you’re not continuously learning, you’re not continuously growing.


Our customers are always first. We nurture new and long-term relationships and actively listen to problems to discover the underlying need. We are solution-oriented and apply our expertise and support in every way we can.


We take pride in providing high value products and services, and stand behind ensuring customer satisfaction, business profitability, and employee growth.