Warehousing Facility Structures

Calhoun builds safe and reliable solutions for businesses in need of quality warehousing structures. Our fabric structures are available at a lower initial cost than more conventional buildings, but they are engineered to last. The adaptable and portable designs can be deployed quickly and modified as your warehousing needs expand over time.

Warehousing Structures

Each series of structures has different advantages. The HT Series has a peak that prevents the accumulation of snow during winter storms. The VP series allows for a maximum width of warehousing space. With widths up to 200 feet and steel legs that can raise the height up to 14 feet tall, the VP series offers plenty of room for stacks of crates and for forklifts to safely operate in between rows.

Affordable and convenient storage doesn’t have to mean compromising the safety of your employees or the efficiency of your warehousing storage solution. Our container line building series incorporates shipping containers and can be easily relocated as needed, providing a high degree of mobility, flexibility and security.

Engineered to Last

Where other systems may use only a generic estimate of environmental loads on their structures, Calhoun employs 3D Finite Element Nonlinear Analysis to make sure that our structures are customized for your specific site location and industry. The hot dip galvanization process makes our metal structures incredibly durable—second only to stainless steel in terms of corrosion resistance. The process not only protects the longevity and structural integrity of metal trusses, but it also provides a smoother, snag-free surface for fabric covers. Fabric covers have the advantage of allowing light to pass through, which reduces electricity costs during daylight hours.

Calhoun’s custom warehousing structures are built specifically for the storage of corrosive materials like salt and fertilizer as well as equipment storage. To learn more about our structures, contact a Calhoun representative.

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