Installation in -40 Degree Weather

Installation in -40 Degree Weather

Location: Alberta
Industry: Oil, Gas & Mining
Dealer: Coverco Buildings
Calhoun Building: VP Series 100’ x 250’

The Challenge

Cenovus Energy needed a new covered storage facility immediately in order to take delivery of busses. Quick installation and the safety of the installation were important factors in their choice of a Calhoun VP Series building standing 100’ wide and 250’ long. With the harsh Alberta winter weather nipping at their heels, delivery came in four days faster than the set out timeline. Then installers worked day and night to ensure the timelines for installation were met in -40C conditions.

The Solution

The Calhoun structure was installed quickly and efficiently, and came in significantly under budget for the Alberta energy company. The large space, without the hassle of centre poles, offers Cenovus the maximum storage capacity it needs to assist with a large operation. The structure stands up to the harsh Alberta winters and offers a fully-engineered solution to keeping their staff safe while at work inside.