Livestock Production and Ranching

Whether producing beef, dairy, or farming hogs, sheep, or goats, Calhoun’s bright and airy interiors create healthy, calm, and well-ventilated environments for your herd. Studies have shown that an increase in the amount of light a dairy cow is exposed to will increase their milk production almost immediately. The shape and flexibility of our fabric buildings provide optimal indoor temperatures for your livestock, providing lower utility costs while keeping your herd healthy.

Bright and Airy

Calhoun’s fabric buildings provide natural light and ventilation, proven to reduce airborne health problems and keep livestock calm and productive. The shape of Calhoun’s fabric buildings offer consistent airflow for livestock.

Low Operational Costs

The thermally non-conductive properties of Calhoun’s fabric covers ensure a warmer interior during colder months and a cooler interior during warmer months. This, combined with less need for artificial lighting, reduces or eliminates energy costs.

Fully Customizable

The absence of interior columns or posts means you can configure your Calhoun fabric structure any way you like to accommodate your herd. From feeding facility, to breezeway, to a growing and finishing barn, improving the comfort of your herd helps maximize their productivity. Furthermore, you can incorporate a number of extra features including eaves, curtains, fans, water troughs, and feed bunks.

Healthier for Livestock

Calhoun’s naturally bright interior and ventilation provide consistent air quality and reduced airborne health problems caused by humidity and moisture. The thermally non-conductive properties of our fabric covers ensure a warmer interior during colder months and a cooler interior during warmer months.

In comparison to a traditional dark, wood or steel building, Calhoun’s fabric buildings offer natural daylight and superior air quality and ventilation - proven to produce increased weight gain, increased productivity, and an overall healthier herd.

Other Applications for Livestock Production Solutions: Calving Barn, Loafing Barn, Breezeway, Free Stall Barn, Milking Parlour

Customizable and Adaptable

Climate Controlled

Healthy and Productive Livestock

Safe and Reliable Fabric Covers and End-Walls

Superior Steel Frame Protection

Cost-Effective and Affordable