Calhoun Fabric Covers

Calhoun uses both HDPE fabric and PVC fabric, in either non-fire resistant (Non-FR) or fire resistant (FR), providing you with different fabric cover options relative to your specific needs.


Our fabric is produced to withstand harsh weather conditions and treated with ultraviolet stabilizers to protect it from the sun’s UV rays. This prevents the fabric membranes from weakening or breaking down, adding years to life for your fabric cover.

With a Calhoun fabric cover, you also select from a variety of colors for greater aesthetic appeal and customization.


We also offer two fabric cover installation options depending on the size and budget of your structure: Keder Panel System or Bag Cover System.

Keder Panel System

A Keder Panel System is a custom-made aluminum extrusion, mounted at each truss section of the fabric structure. Keder panels are made to the exact bay spacing with a 1/2″ industrial rope continuously heat welded in place at the sides.


The fabric keder panel is secured through the aluminum extrusion and tensioned at both ends. This system ensures the fabric will not touch the frame of the structure, helping to create a quieter environment with no risk of wear points on the cover.


Purlins and cables are added, securing the structure and giving the keder panel fabric its ultimate tension laterally. A leak-proof vinyl cap is added to the aluminum extrusion for sealing.



With our Keder Panel System, any areas of the building exposed to a fire can be re-covered at minimum since Calhoun’s steel frame construction is non-combustible. The fabric membrane will melt when exposed to fire and will ensure any fire does not spread.


Our proprietary triple protection system provides three layers of protection to reduce corrosion and prevent snow, ice or water from entering the gasket or building. The system includes a seal that acts as a barrier between the aluminum and steel to reduce the chance of corrosion between the two metals. In addition, it also provides a third layer of protection to ensure no water enters the building.


Calhoun is the only company that offers this level of detail and protection.



The Keder Panel System does not allow the fabric to touch the structure’s frame, and helps to create a quieter, more secure environment with no risk of wear points on the cover, adding years of life to your structure. Calhoun’s Keder Panel System is standard on all buildings over 60′ wide.


Key Advantage: Quick replacement of individual panels if damaged, instead of removing the entire fabric cover
Ideal For: HT series, VP series, larger CC series

Bag Cover System

Calhoun’s Bag Cover System is a one-piece fabric cover, pulled over the entire structure in one quick and easy step. It is more affordable than other fabric cover systems and stays on tighter on smaller structures.


Key Advantage: Affordable and efficient installation
Ideal For: Smaller CC series