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Calhoun Super Structure is recognized as one of Canada’s Best Fabric Buildings Engineering and Installations Firms. With a history of almost 30 years we have proudly established ourselves as one of North America’s leading manufacturers and distributors of fabric structures for farmers, municipalities, local and national businesses, and customers just like you.

We constantly strive to improve our business by collaborating with our customers to understand their needs, and by providing industry leading business solutions to ensure the growth and success of our dealer network.


As a family owned business, our name is proudly displayed on everything we do. That’s why Calhoun Super Structure is meticulous about manufacturing only superior products and providing services with a distinct focus on customer experience, making us one of Canada’s best fabric buildings. It’s the only way we know how to do business.

Our motto is: if it isn’t strong enough to go in our own backyard, we won’t put it in yours.


We are a true industry leader in many important ways.

While other fabric building companies were applying an in-line galvanizing system for their steel frames, we were the first to use hot-dip galvanizing as a standard with the critical importance of knowing that hot-dip galvanized steel structures last three times longer.

We were also the first to implement a true site-specific analysis design on every building. We understood from the very beginning that the site of your operation is unique, and a safe and reliable fabric building is paramount. Therefore, we began implementing prescriptive engineered structures to determine the exact level of stress the structure is under, and where, and account for those particular areas in our steel frames, going beyond industry standards as Canada’s best fabric buildings.


When you purchase a Calhoun Super Structure, your structure is backed by one of the best fabric buildings warranty in the industry, customized to your individual needs, and valid for any application. In most cases, our steel framework lasts generations.

For fabric repairs or replacements, we offer a 15-year warranty in line with industry norms, on all FR and Non-FR standard fabric. For Elite fabric upgrades, we proudly offer a 25-year warranty on both FR and Non-FR fabric.

Our easy online warranty submission service is as simple as 1-2-3 which you can submit yourself. Alternatively, your local Calhoun representative can submit all warranty photos and information for you. For more fabric building warranty information please contact us.