Hay Storage and Farming Equipment

Calhoun’s custom-engineered fabric structures provide a bright and open storage space while protecting your equipment or hay storage from harsh weather conditions. We build to your standards, and customize to your needs, guaranteeing low utility costs and fabric structures that will last generations.

Corrosion Resistant

Calhoun’s fabric structures protect your equipment from the damaging effects of snow, rain and UV rays causing rust, by hot dip galvanizing our steel. Applied to both interior and exterior surfaces, our galvanization meets established industry standards to improve the longevity of your equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

Superior Ventilation

The shape of Calhoun’s fabric buildings combined with breathable fabric membranes allow for more air volume in our structures. This provides a ventilation system that eliminates moisture created through weather conditions, critical to the longevity of your hay storage or equipment.

Clear Span Interior

Calhoun’s fabric structures provide clear span interiors, critical to your farming equipment needs. The height and free span interior of our fabric buildings have no interior columns, allowing for easy access to your hay storage and convenient handling of your farming equipment.

Built to Withstand Environmental Conditions

Calhoun Super Structure fabric buildings are the ideal building solution for equipment and hay storage, protecting your assets from the harmful effects of weather exposure. Our custom-engineered fabric buildings are engineered to withstand seismic impact and fluctuating weather conditions. Unlike conventional buildings, our fabric buildings are much more airtight reducing heat loss while keeping moisture out.

The breathable membranes of Calhoun’s fabric cover allows natural daylight into the building, reducing or eliminating daytime lighting costs.

Other Applications for Agriculture Storage Solutions: Manure/Waste Storage, Crop Storage.

Customizable and Adaptable

Climate Controlled

Customizable and Adaptable

Climate Controlled

High-Quality Ventilation System

Safe and Reliable Fabric Covers and End-Walls