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Cover-all Buildings
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There are many fabric Cover-All buildings across North America that will eventually need to be upgraded or replaced by another fabric building company existing in the market today. Calhoun Super Structure is extremely experienced with fabric coverall buildings recovers and repairs.

Our professional installation crews work from original Coverall buildings drawings and specs to provide you with a new fabric cover that meets or exceeds the original fabric Coverall buildings specifications. While on-site, we offer complimentary assessment of your Cover-All building steel framework and building components, and provide you with necessary recommendations.


Whether you need to repair, upgrade, expand, or relocate your existing fabric Cover All building, Calhoun can assist you with this.

We not only offer fabric Cover All building replacements and repairs, but we offer maintenance services to your Cover-All building steel framework.

Structural Upgrades

If you are in need of a fabric Cover All building upgrade, Calhoun will gladly provide a complimentary review of your fabric structure. We aim to provide safe, reliable, high quality fabric structures, even if they are coverall buildings or other brand of fabric structure. We will upgrade at a reasonable cost to you, and supply all necessary materials and installation crews to complete the Cover-All building upgrade.

Service Work

Whether you have a damaged truss, holes in your fabric, or other kind of repair that needs mending, our extensive team of local Calhoun dealers across North America are on the road and ready to service your Cover All building whenever you need us.

Calhoun can also add ventilation, insulation, or liner systems to your existing fabric Cover All building. We can even relocate the entire structure. Contact us to learn more about our Cover-All building services today.