Fertilizer Storage Solutions

Calhoun custom-engineers fabric buildings specifically tailored to businesses who need storage for the unique properties of fertilizer. With experience building fertilizer storage fabric structures for businesses, we help you determine the right dimensions and style of structure for your needs.

Advanced Engineering

Our highly trained engineers, designers, and detailers have spent years building the strongest and safest structures available for the fertilizer industry.

Corrosion Resistant

Calhoun’s fabric buildings are built with hot-dip galvanized steel frames to resist rust and corrosion from caustic environments like fertilizer. Applied to both interior and exterior surfaces, our galvanization meets established industry standards to improve the longevity of your structure and reduce maintenance costs

Clear Span Interior

Calhoun’s fabric structures provide clear span interiors, critical to your fertilizer operation. The height and free span interior of our fabric buildings have no interior columns, allowing tipping trucks to maneuver without interference.

Engineered to Protect Against Corrosive Environments

Fertilizer is a highly corrosive material so our hot-dip galvanized steel withstands much of the pitting, rust, and deterioration that most metals suffer. This makes the buildings resistant to damage while providing a strong, durable structure that lasts for years.

We offer an extra layer of protection for your structure when you are storing corrosive materials like fertilizer. Super Shield is our rubberized spray coating, designed to add an extra layer on top of the hot-dip galvanized structure to provide superior protection against leaching and denitrification.

Super Shield lengthens the life expectancy of your hot-dip galvanized trusses and base plates by guarding against deterioration and corrosion. The rubberized spray coating can be applied to your concrete and block wall foundation to create a moisture barrier protection layer, and to seal cracks.

Superior Steel Frame Protection

Customizable and Adaptable

Highly Corrosion-Resistant

Safe and Reliable Fabric Covers and End-Walls