Oil and Gas Industry Solutions

Our commercial storage structures are tailored to the needs of the oil and gas industry. Our buildings are easy to transport and deploy in remote areas with designs that are customizable, expandable, and re-locatable to meet your needs. When the safety of your employees are also a priority, Calhoun provides reliable storage solutions.

Safety First

The natural light and breathability of Calhoun’s fabric covers provide workers with comfortable and healthy working conditions, while providing adequate lighting. Our hot-dip galvanized steel frames support life-safety and fire suppression systems. Our optional flame-retardant fabric covers provides further safety and protection to your workers and structure.

Superior Ventilation

The shape of Calhoun’s fabric buildings combined with breathable fabric membranes allow for more air volume in our structures while offering a completely airtight space to prevent leakage of organic fuels into the environment.

Advanced Engineering

Our highly trained engineers, designers, and detailers have spent years building the strongest and safest structures available for the oil and gas industry.

Easily Deployed and Portable

Calhoun’s fabric structures are the perfect choice for the oil and gas industry, allowing for rapid installation in remote areas, and are easily customizable, expandable, and re-locatable to meet your needs. Our fabric structures are ideal for temporary drill sites, storage, or processing facilities, and can be erected on a variety of foundation styles including poured walls, demurrage blocks, pre-cast T-panels, grade beams, concrete piers, and shipping containers.

Our container line (CL) series is the first-ever fabric building in the industry that has been designed and engineered exclusively for container-use only.

The CL Series is engineered site-specific to suit any location in North America, and can be used as either a temporary or permanent solution. The shipping containers allow maximum utilization of the foundation for employee housing, change rooms, washrooms, and storage.

Other Applications for Industrial Solutions: Mining Excavation Shelters, Manufacturing Plant Facility, Forestry and Logging Operations, Construction Equipment Storage, Warehousing

Portable and Deployable

Highly Corrosion-Resistant

Reliable Fabric Covers and End-Walls

Superior Ventilation

Steel Frame Protection

High Return on Investment