Waste and Recycling Storage Solutions

Calhoun designs and engineers fabric covered structures with clear span interiors to offer maximum functionality, odor-control, and durability for your waste and recycling operation. Our naturally lit, bright interiors make handling and sorting waste, recycling, and compost easy and economical.

Safety First

The natural light and breathability of Calhoun’s fabric covers provide workers with comfortable working temperatures, while providing adequate lighting. Our optional flame-retardant fabric covers provides further safety and protection to your workers and structure.

Superior Ventilation

Calhoun’s fabric buildings provide cooler, drier environments to reduce the growth of mold and bacteria. We design and engineer our structures for maximum odor-control, functionality, and durability. Our structures create a ventilation system that eliminates moisture created through weather conditions, critical to keeping compost, waste, and recycling materials dry.

Clear Span Interior

Calhoun’s fabric structures provide clear span interiors, critical to your waste and recycling operation. The height and free span interior of our fabric buildings have no interior columns, allowing tipping trucks to maneuver without interference.

Workman Safety First

There is an industry-standard level of fire risk in many waste and recycling facilities, and this risk can increase depending upon the materials processed and the manner in which they are processed. Calhoun Super Structure offers optional flame-retardant fabric to provide safety and protection for your workers and structure.

The breathable fabric membranes also provide a superior ventilation system to control harmful emissions, and effectively prevent the ingest of dust and bioaerosols that tipping, screening, or similar operations send into the atmosphere.

Other Applications for Public Works Solutions: Salt and Sand Storage, Equipment Maintenance and Repair Facilities, Industrial Bi-Product Storage, Water Treatment Facilities

Flame-Retardant Fabric Covers and End-Walls

Superior Ventilation

Steel Frame Protection

Customizable and Adaptable

Highly Corrosion-Resistant