Equestrian Riding Arenas and Stables

Whether you need a training ground, riding arena, or boarding facility, Calhoun’s fabric structures provide an economical solution to maximize your space without the need for centre poles. We know the health and comfort of your horses are a priority, so we design and custom-engineer equine buildings with a sound dampening fabric cover and lots of natural light. Our non-conductive, sound-absorbing fabric covers promote a comfortable temperature and a distraction-free environment with ample natural light.

Bright and Airy

The natural light of Calhoun’s fabric structures permeate the indoor facility, creating a shadow-free environment so not to spook the horses. The breathability of our fabric covers mean that your horses obtain the highest quality airflow and ventilation, resulting in a more soothing environment.

Low Operational Costs

With the natural light that permeates our fabric buildings, energy costs are reduced. The thermally non-conductive properties of Calhoun’s fabric covers ensure a warmer interior during colder months and a cooler interior during warmer months. This, combined with less need for artificial lighting, reduces or eliminates energy costs.

Clear Span Interior

Calhoun’s fabric structures reach great heights with beautiful cathedral-style ceiling options allowing you to maximize your space. With the sound-dampening quality of our fabric covers, indoor echo’s and outside noises are reduced providing a calm, stress-free environment for riders and horses.

Customized to Meet the Needs of Your Horses

Calhoun Super Structure fabric buildings offer a versatility unlike any other. With options to insulate, attach barns, or add wash bays or tack rooms, our structures can be as wide or as high as you need, to meet the requirements of your horses.
Our structures can be built on any foundation necessary, including precast concrete, to keep wood above ground and accommodate proper arena footings.

Calhoun's breathable fabric covers provide a climate-controlled environment with natural lighting and sound control, necessary to offer a stress-free environment and year-round protection from harsh weather elements.

Other Applications for Equine Solutions: Manure and Waste Facility, Run-In Shelter, Breezeway, Hay and Feed Storage, Indoor Riding Arena, Training Facility, Equipment Storage, Horse Stable.

Climate Controlled

Calm and Healthy Horses

Cost-Effective and Affordable

Customizable and Adaptable

Safe and Reliable Fabric Covers and End-Walls

Superior Steel Frame Protection