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Design Flexibility
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While Calhoun’s fabric buildings require careful design to address the effects of wind and snow load on both the internal and exterior structure, we are dedicated to giving you total fabric building design flexibility on your new fabric structure.

We’ve even employed fabric building design for hurricane-force winds, taking into consideration orientation of exits and entries, configuration of walls, bay spacing, truss placement, purlins, longitudinal bracing members, and the use of concrete walls to provide rigid, supportive mount for buildings.

We also work with foundation designers to make accommodations for different styles of foundations with the end goal of lower install cost to you.

If your space needs change, or you need to move to a more suited location, Calhoun’s fabric structures are also relocatable, and can be transported flawlessly to wherever you need it most. Our structures can be placed almost anywhere.


With Calhoun fabric structures you can add ventilation systems, insulation and liners, daylight panels and stylish windows, solar panels, have partially open or closed end walls and side walls, and colorful graphics or corporate logos added to the exterior of the fabric membrane. The options are endless.

While we offer standard sizes, we are no stranger to going beyond the norm to make your unique requests a reality – and we encourage custom projects.

Let our projects speak for themselves.

Watch the video to see what unique element our customer, Al, wanted to do with his fabric structure, and how Calhoun delivered.