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We became experts in your industry, so we could anticipate your every need.

Calhoun focuses on structural engineering because we believe our strength is in our industry-specific knowledge. We understand your industry, so we can customize our buildings to meet every need or unique request of our customers. We have years of engineering excellence behind every structure.


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Industries we serve

We specialize in high-quality facilities for a number of industries including commercial, sand and salt storage, fertilizer and equipment storage. Businesses and individuals looking for premium quality structures find the right solutions with our engineered buildings.

Our fabric structures are also ideal for agricultural applications including hay storage, dairy barns and farm equipment storage. In addition, we have customized fabric structures used by the government for multiple purposes and for personal recreational applications such as riding arenas and sports facilities.

Our buildings are designed to be easily deployable and portable, making them ideal for a wide range of purposes.


Our Buildings

Your structure is designed specifically for your industry and environment. Our fabric buildings offer many advantages over steel and wood structures, including increased energy efficiency through more natural lighting, quick installation, lower building costs, and portability.

Calhoun delivers exceptional engineering in every structure we build. We utilize cutting edge technology, including 3D Finite Element Nonlinear Analysis to help us build for strength and reliability. Our detailed technical analyses result in superior, safe fabric structures engineered to the highest standards.

We’ve thought of everything.

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Our highly-trained engineers, designers and detailers have spent years building the strongest and safest structures available specifically for your industry.

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We protect our structures from rust and deterioration by hot dip galvanizing every welded truss.

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Calhoun structures boast low operational and maintenance costs in comparison to traditional buildings, while offering a large, secure, well-ventilated storage solution.

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