• Salt & Sand

    Calhoun engineers solutions specifically tailored to companies and municipalities...

  • Waste & Recycling

    Calhoun designs and engineers fabric covered structures with free-span interior space to...

  • Oil & Gas

    Our commercial storage structures are tailored to the needs of the oil and gas industry...

  • Fertilizer

    Fertilizer storage must be strong enough to resist corrosion and maintain the integrity of the ingredients.

  • Warehouse & Storage

    Calhoun structures maximize your storage area in an open concept, free-span space.

  • Sports & Recreation

    The natural light of Calhoun’s fabric structures let you capture the outdoors while sweating it out in...

  • Equestrian

    Whether you need a training ground, riding arena, or boarding facility, a Calhoun structure provides an economical...

  • Agriculture Storage

    The proven engineering that comes with every Calhoun structure means you can trust that your hay and critical

  • Agriculture Livestock

    Protection for your dairy cows is essential to the success of your dairy business...

  • Mining

    Our commercial fabric structures are tailored to the needs of the mining industry.


Our highly-trained engineers, designers and detailers have spent years building the strongest and safest structures available specifically for your industry.


We protect our structures from rust and deterioration by using hot dip galvanizing on every welded truss.


Our structures boast low operational and maintenance costs in comparison to traditional buildings, while offering a large, secure, well-ventilated storage solution.


Our completely engineered, naturally lit structures keep your employees safe while they work. Whether you are storing equipment, livestock, salt and sand, or fertilizer, you can rest assured your commodities are protected.


Our free-span interiors reach up to 200 ft. wide and are easily extendable, maximizing your storage capacity and allowing your machinery and equipment to maneuver inside with ease.