Sports and Recreation Indoor Facilities

Whether looking for an indoor ice rink, soccer field, tennis court, or paintball grounds, Calhoun’s fabric buildings are ideal for the sports and recreation industry due to the natural light that lets you capture the outdoors, indoors. Our clear span interiors eliminate the need for centre poles, so you can maximize the space you need to play out your passion. The minimal investment and low operation costs helps maximize your profit potential than traditional wood or steel structures.

Bright and Airy

The natural light of Calhoun’s fabric structures permeate the indoor facility, reducing energy costs while increasing the level of comfort and visibility to teams and audiences. Skylights and solar panels can easily be added to the building to increase visibility and make them even more energy efficient.

Clear Span Interior

Calhoun’s clear span interior means there are no poles, pillars, or interference. You have the space to hold your sport or entertainment events while maximizing crowd expectancy. The increased space creates additional income potential making the structure more versatile without sacrificing the safety and security of audiences. The open floor plans offer well-ventilated spaces and reliable airflow.

Safety First

Our custom-engineered fabric buildings provide a flexibility that increases access points for emergencies. This allows large groups of people to exit quickly, and increases access for first responders. Customized height preferences also allow for the addition of sprinkler systems and emergency lighting. These affordable considerations increase the safety of your structure easily without delaying the building process. Our fabric buildings are built to code and approved for use in a variety of recreation applications.

Bring the Outdoors In

Calhoun Super Structure fabric buildings are versatile to offer expansive height and width, combining breathable fabric covers for a climate-controlled environment with natural lighting and sound control.
Calhoun offers rapid installation to maximize revenue so your sports or entertainment facility can be ready within a few weeks. All of our fabric buildings are custom-engineered for each application and built to code.

Other Applications for Recreational Solutions: Conferences, Wedding Facilities, Indoor Dog Park, Gaming, Trade Show Pavilion, Indoor Mini-Putt or Golf Course, Concert Facilities, Training Facilities, Sportswear Storage

Cost-Effective and Affordable

Customizable and Adaptable

Climate Controlled

Healthy and Productive Teams

Safe and Reliable Fabric Covers and End-Walls

Superior Steel Frame Protection