Custom Buildings on Sea Containers

Custom Buildings on Sea Containers

Location: Tofield, Alberta
Industry: Oil, Gas & Mining
Dealer: Coverco Buildings
Calhoun Building: CC Series 42’ x 140’ on custom Sea Container foundation


The Challenge

KNM Group was searching for a way to cover their massive oil separating vessels at their Toefield, Alberta site. The buildings needed to accommodate the 28’ high vessels and allow for extra storage on site, all on a budget.

The Solution

Two totally-custom Calhoun CC-Series buildings were designed and engineered for KNM on a 2 row-high sea container foundations, with custom 25’ x 28’ door openings and 28’ high side walls to accommodate the vessels. The custom job gave KNM the affordable height they needed, while offering additional storage they were looking for nearby in the sea containers.

The CC Series buildings now allow for the easy entrance and exit of the vessels through large bi-folding doors. The cost-effective project was completed on time, and on budget, which offered KNM a covered solution with substantial value to their operation.