Built in Time for Spring

Built in Time for Spring

Location: Highmore, SD
Industry: Fertilizer
Dealer: Greystone Construction
Calhoun Building: VP Series 130 x 188

The Challenge

High-quality fertilizer blends for agriculture have become an in-demand commodity in Highmore, South Dakota. Pinnacle Agriculture needed a quality building solution that could go up quickly during the winter months to meet this growing need. By getting the facility up and running in the off-season, Pinnacle wanted to start blending fertilizer in the spring in preparation for the busy summer months.

The Solution

Greystone Construction took on the project and constructed an ideal solution according to Pinnacle’s specifications. Construction of the 130 x 188 VP Series building started in January and was complete by March. Lane Mielke, Area Operations Manager for Pinnacle Agriculture, was pleased with the results. He said, “We have a sound building with sufficient storage and the speed we need to keep up with the needs of our farmer-customers. Kudos to Greystone for making that happen.”

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