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Location: Vandalia, IL
Industry: Fertilizer
Dealer: Central Concrete
Calhoun Building: VP Series Summary


The Challenge

South Central FS was looking for a cost-effective way to store large volumes of bulk macro and micro-nutrients of dry fertilizer prills. They required a structure with a long lifespan that would be able to withstand the harsh affect of the ammonia from the fertilizer. Also, the building and roofing needed to be made from materials that would not react with the fertilizer.

The Solution

South Central FS chose to have a Calhoun building installed and is very satisfied with the numerous benefits it offers. Calhoun’s Super Shield rubberized coating spray applied to all trusses and concrete walls, in combination with the hot dip galvanized trusses, was a huge selling feature to South Central, as it drastically lengthens the life expectancy of the building. In addition to the affordability, the natural light from the polyethylene fabric roof, and the non-corrosive building materials used keep South Central’s employees and fertilizer safe.