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According to the New York Times, the youth sports economy is a multi-billion dollar industry, and is a growing industry in the United States.. If an affordable, safe indoor gymnasium or sports arena has been out of reach for your local community, municipality, or own personal use, consider a fabric structure.

Fabric buildings are ideal structures for indoor soccer fields, tennis courts, and bike parks. Fabric structures also make affordable indoor gymnasiums.

When used as an indoor athletic facility, fabric buildings keep both athletes and spectators safe. The unique design elements of fabric buildings have several key features that set them apart from traditional buildings.

Clearspan Interior

Fabric structures built with open web steel frames offer a clearspan interior for players and spectators. This means there are no support poles or pillars that will obstruct gameplay, providing a safe, barrier-free field or arena. For indoor bike parks, the most adventurous stunts can be performed without worrying about hitting a pole.

A lack of poles and pillars also makes for easier crowd control. Lines of people flow easier without navigating around pillars, and there is minimal intrusion should an emergency escape be needed.

Additionally, Calhoun’s open web steel framework is custom-engineered to withstand the heaviest snow loads that much of North America experiences during the winter months, as well as high wind speeds and seismic conditions, keeping athletes and spectators safe from harsh outdoor weather elements.

Customized Height & Doors

Fabric structures can be built in a range of customized heights to accommodate safety features like sprinkler systems, emergency lights, and alarms. You can install any features needed to meet your local building codes.

A customized height also means you can build the exact size building you need. Some sports like soccer or baseball may require a higher ceiling than tennis or a bike park. You can also adjust the building’s height to hold your desired seating capacity.

You also have the flexibility to install the number of door entrances and exits that you need. Emergency plans should be made any time there is a crowd of people in one space. Strategically placing doors around the arena allows people to exit quickly if needed.

Natural Lighting

Natural sunlight permeates through the fabric cover on fabric buildings. Players and spectators have the look and feel of being outdoors while enjoying the benefits of an indoor facility. If needed, skylights can be added to increase lighting visibility.

Unlike electrical lighting, sunlight filtering through the fabric will not distract or impair players on the field. There are no harsh glares or shadows. Spectators don’t have to squint while following the ball during gameplay. Not needing to rely on electrical lighting for every game saves money by reducing utility costs.

An Affordable and Safe Solution

Calhoun Super Structure fabric buildings take less time to build and are typically less expensive than traditional structures.

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