We Understand Fabric

At Calhoun, we understand fabric. We understand the mechanics of fabric and we understand the properties of fabric. We don’t make assumptions and we don’t treat fabric like rigid steel panels.


Many fabric structure companies fail to take an in-depth look into the mechanics of fabric using a linear analysis. This means that when the fabric is under pressure from the weight of snow or other environmental elements, the fabric moves in exact proportion to the amount of load applied. If the load doubles, the fabric moves twice as far.


A common contributor to increased wear and tear on fabric is when fabric companies apply a linear analysis when engineering their fabric structure, causing the fabric to bow and take a shape in indirect proportion to the weight of environmental loads. This results in unnecessary repairs and replacements, sooner.

Calhoun is unique in that we have developed specialized analysis which models the shape of fabric under load. By accurately determining various environmental loads that are applied to your steel structure, we use a non-linear analysis. Our approach ensures the optimal design of steel is determined for your structure. All of our structures undergo a vigorous site-specific review.


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