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Like shingles on a roof, years of wear and tear from the elements will require you to repair or replace the fabric. While the steel framework in a fabric building can last generations, it is an industry-standard expectation that the fabric cover will eventually need to be replaced.

Calhoun Super Structure is proudly backed by our own proprietary industry-leading 25-year warranty through our Elite FR and Non-FR fabric. 

We offer 25-year pro-rated coverage with 100% coverage for the first year. An increase in coverage is also available to add more years to your fabric building lifespan. For our standard FR and Non-FR fabric, we offer a 15-year warranty on every building kit including the steel framework.

To apply for warranty, complete and submit the online Warranty Application Form below, along with the specified number of photos, to Calhoun Super Structure corporate office within 30 days of project completion. Alternatively, reach out to your local Calhoun dealer for assistance with this process.