Old ‘Bank Barn’ Replacement

Old ‘Bank Barn’ Replacement

Location: Colbourne, ON
Industry: Agriculture
Dealer: Barrett’s Farm and Family Centre
Calhoun Building: CC Series 42 x 96


The Challenge

This customer had a 100+ year-old “bank barn” with a stone foundation that needed replacement. With a herd of cattle and a need for extra storage, the customer was looking at multiple solutions including a new barn or constructing a steel building. He was particularly interested in ensuring proper ventilation given the health benefits of added air movement for the herd.


The Solution

A 42′ x 96′ CC Series fabric structure was the best solution and the pricing was “right there” in comparison with other solutions. In addition to the built-in ventilation, the customer loved the laminated posts, bright interior, and high roof. When asked if he would recommend Calhoun to a friend, he agreed and noted that the buildings were priced very well and have added benefits no other building solution offers.