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Industry: Salt Storage
Location: Irondequoit, NY
Dealer: Hybrid Building Solutions
Calhoun Building: VP 80 x 240, HT Series 72 x 100, CC 62 x 40

The Challenge:

The customer had to re-locate a building adjacent to a communications tower. Engineering the structure was a challenge for both the customer, Calhoun and Hybrid as clearance had to be maintained so not touch or rub against guide wires for fear of compromising the cell tower.

The Solution:

Calhoun took the time to make sure all the engineering issues were solved by developing a lower-sloped variant of our building. Calhoun adapted a standard design and improved reliability of components by changing the design in the areas that were affected by lower slope aversion, producing a good solution for the site and a structure that was able to nestle beneath the guide wire.