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Communities across the nation are realizing they can save money and still have a sizable recreational facility in their town or county. Engineered fabric structures are available in a variety of sizes with various height accommodations. They can house huge crowds with their free span interiors and strong, sturdy construction. These buildings are customized to meet the needs of the customer at a much lower price than traditional construction.

Durable Construction, Strong Materials

Engineered fabric buildings are custom built to suit the environment and handle the needs of the customer. The framework consists of hot-dipped galvanized trusses to increase support. A final rubberized spray coating increases the life use of these materials and acts as a moisture barrier for the base plates and foundation. Since moisture is the leading cause of deterioration, this step helps to increase the life use of the building.

The fabric cover itself is treated to withstand UV deterioration while allowing natural lighting to permeate the structure. This reduces energy costs while increasing the level of comfort and visibility to teams and audiences utilizing the building during the day. Skylights and solar panels can easily be added to the building to increase visibility and make them even more energy efficient.

During the planning phase carefully engineered fabric structures take into consideration the weather conditions and environmental challenges a building will face through software such as 3D Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis. Severe temperature changes can lead to cracks and fissures in cement and blocks used in the foundations, supports, or base construction. By applying the elastic, all-rubber coating to the exterior of the building, there is an almost seamless assembly. This prevents moisture buildup and allows the materials the flexibility necessary to accommodate temperature fluctuations.

Free-span Interiors

A free-span interior means there are no poles, pillars, or structurally necessary supports in the way. Customers have the space to hold their sporting or entertainment events while maximizing their crowd expectancy. The increased space creates additional income potential making the structure more versatile for the customer without sacrificing the safety and security of their audience.

Each of the building support structures are designed with superior strength qualities that are second only to stainless steel. The trusses, base plates, and posts are resistant to corrosion, rust, and most concentrated forms of acids or bases by way of hot-dip galvanization. A certified specialist applies a special coating to these materials to ensure easy construction and preventing snags or tears to the fabric during the building process. This increases their strength and durability while prolonging their life use.

Fabric buildings have no holes from nails or drills that can leak moisture and they can be designed to fit odd lots. By engineering each structure to the customer’s specifications, various height requirements, custom roof design, and even mono-sloped roofs can be easily accommodated. The open floor plans offer well-ventilated spaces and reliable airflow. The careful engineering of each design ensures superior materials and quality workmanship from beginning to end.

More Affordable Than Traditional Construction

The price of construction is often a big reason many projects fail to get off the ground. Engineered buildings are custom designed for each client. This ensures they are able to maximize their use while still taking advantage of a high degree of safety and security these buildings offer. Custom designs allow recreational and entertainment venues to have their new structure in place in less time than traditional construction would require.

Most building projects use wood and steel in their construction methods. Not only does this limit the size and height of the structure, it increases the overall cost of heating and cooling within the building. Fabric structures hold the heat during the winter and remain cooler during the summer thereby reducing the cost of utilities. This is very important when trying to maximize profit potential and host large crowds throughout the year.

When holding an event that can bring in hundreds of people, it is important to ensure the building provides the best safety options available. Engineered buildings provide a flexibility that increases access points for emergencies. This allows large groups of people to exit quickly and increases access for first responders. Customized height preferences also allow for the addition of sprinkler systems and emergency lighting. These affordable considerations increase the safety of your structure easily without delaying the building process.

Engineered fabric constructions allow recreational and entertainment businesses to provide their customers access to sporting events and performances in a secure, reliable environment. The structures are customized to fit the needs of the client while working well with the environment and surrounding landscape. They increase energy efficiency and offer maximum crowd attendance in a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere. When compared to traditional construction, these buildings are cost-effective and easier to maintain. They are built to code and are approved for use in a variety of industries. Engineered fabric structures offer flexibility without compromising strength and durability.


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