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Waste & Recycling | Compost

Our low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant,
free-span structures can be installed on time
and on a budget.

Calhoun engineers have designed structures with free-span interior space to offer maximum functionality and storage for your operation.
Our naturally lit, bright interiors make handling and sorting waste, recycling and compost easy and economical.

We understand your return on investment needs.

We make it our business to understand yours.

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Our free-span interiors reach up to 200 ft. wide to maximize your storage capacity and allow your equipment to load, unload and maneuver inside the structure with ease.

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Each and every building is individually run through 3D Finite Element Analysis
using site and building specific information by third party engineers.

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Natural light and airflow keeps your materials dry, while eliminating the need for excess daytime lighting.

Our Buildings

CC Series

CC Series

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HT Series

HT Series

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VP Series

VP Series

Built to
Suit Your Needs

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